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The Absolute Best Skin Care Products for Men in 2022

The Absolute Best Skin Care Products for Men in 2022

With the start of a new year, now is the best time to reinvent your approach to a healthy skincare routine.

MadeMan recognizes that most men were never taught about skincare. 

Skin care is for everyone, and now is the best time for you to learn. Issues with your skin will be a lifelong issue, so getting a grasp on how to take care of your skin now will benefit you for the rest of your life.

One of the most convenient ways to improve your skin is to use the right products. Applying healthy, beneficial products on our skin can positively affect your skin’s health in the same way that using products containing harsh chemicals and loads of synthetic ingredients can cause serious harm.

Here are some of the best skincare products for men to use in 2022 to ensure that you maintain a healthy and handsome complexion.


Cleansers should always be a part of your skincare routine. Cleansers are necessary for removing the dead skin cells, excess sebum, and bacteria that have gathered on your skin throughout the day and night. 

Use a cleanser twice a day, both in the morning and before you go to bed, to avoid blockages that lead to acne. 

In order to reap all the benefits of your cleanser, you need to make sure that you are using the right one. We recommend using The Resetter as found in The Re(Set) Collection.

The Resetter is a 2-in-1 facial cleanser and shaving gel that facilitates a smooth shave and deep though gentle cleansing. Unlike other cleansers, this cleanser is not filled with harsh chemicals that harm your skin more than it helps.

 Our Ingredients  

Instead, the product is water-based, making it safe for all skin types, even oily, and uses all-natural ingredients. Allow us to break down some of these ingredients:

 Coconut Oil with Glycerin

The coconut oil with glycerin is incorporated into The Resetter for its anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Specifically, this ingredient is full of antioxidants that help to preserve the skin. It creates a barrier on the skin’s surface that helps to reduce skin dryness by decreasing the loss of moisture.


Glycerin is used in The Resetter for its natural moisturization. This vegan ingredient is derived from palm oil and performs as a natural humectant. A humectant is a substance that is used to reduce the loss of moisture through preservation.

Quillaja Soap Bark Extract

Quillaja soap bark extract is incorporated into The Resetter because of its cleansing properties. This bark extract contains saponins which are able to bind water and improve the cleansing experience. It also acts as a natural foam enhancer.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower seed oil is an ingredient in The Resetter because it is anti-inflammatory, protects against pollution, and reduces the harm of the sun’s rays. This oil helps to maintain the skin’s natural barrier, supports its ability to retain moisture, and fends off both pollution and ultraviolet rays.


 Hydroxyacetophenone, extracted from berries, works as an anti-aging ingredient in The Resetter. It boosts the preservation system, which, in turn, reduces the need for preservatives to be incorporated into the formula. 

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is used in The Resetter for its several beneficial properties that include moisturization and pollution protection. This ingredient is an emollient plant oil that has antioxidant properties and is a rich source of fatty acids beneficial for the skin. 

The antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and skin moisturizing properties protect against environmentally induced oxidative stress.

Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil

Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil is included in The Resetter because it is useful for cleansing and combating swelling. This ingredient has antimicrobial and analgesic properties. It increases ceramide production to keep the skin moisturized and prevents collagen degradation caused by UVB rays.

Citric Acid 

Citric acid is used in The Resetter for anti-aging and as an exfoliator. The ingredient is a natural pH adjuster, helps to unclog pores, rids the skins of dead skin cells, and targets the skin’s hydrating support matrix to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Altogether, this carefully formulated combination of ingredients designed especially for men provides you with a champion cleanse that eliminates all impurities from your pores and a smooth shave without any razor burn or ingrown hairs.


Moisturizer is another necessary product for men’s skincare. Moisturizer is responsible for strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. This barrier, when strong, keeps out external irritants and bacteria that can cause damage to the skin. When weak, the skin is left unprotected. Moisturizers can help to strengthen this barrier and, in turn, keep your skin safe.

Other benefits to using a moisturizer include maintaining hydrated skin, avoiding premature aging, and retaining moisture that provides you with a radiant complexion.

Just like your cleanser, your moisturizer should be used twice a day. We recommend MadeMan’s The Refresher. 

The Refresher is made with all skin types in mind, including sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, and acne-prone skin. This cleanser offers you the fast track to long-term skin enhancement.

Like our cleanser, this moisturizer is water-based and uses all-natural ingredients. The anti-foaming additives help smooth out your skin, retain moisture, and give you a hydrating experience. 

Meanwhile, other natural ingredients increase collagen synthesis and provide you with a healthy glow. Allow us to break down some of these ingredients:


Glycerin is used in The Refresher for its moisturization properties. The ingredient can preserve moisture because it functions as a natural humectant.

Chicory Root

Chicory root is included in The Refresher because it is useful for anti-aging, rapid skin enhancement, and pollution protection. It is a proprietary active ingredient that has a lifting and tightening effect. It also combines this lifting action with collagen production. This provides for immediate improvement, as well as a long-term treatment.

Castor Seed Oil

Castor seed oil contains essential fatty acids that help to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance and prevent the signs of acne. It also penetrates the skin and boosts collagen production, which softens and hydrates the skin, directly treating wrinkles. It also rejuvenates the skin by making it softer and relieves dry and patchy skin. 

Finally, the oil acts as a natural humectant, locking in moisture in the skin.


Mica is used in The Refresher for its rapid skin enhancement, anti-aging properties, and the reduction of harmful rays affecting the skin. Mica provides the skin with a healthy appearance and makes fine lines less visible. The mica is covered in titanium dioxide so that it can reflect harmful rays. 

This protects you against both UVA and UVB radiation. Additionally, the ingredient is useful for hiding imperfections such as dark circles, acne, and age spots.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C makes sun damage like pigmented spots on the skin less visible. It also brightens the skin and improves its natural healing process. The vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from irritation, swelling, environmental pollution, and ultraviolet rays.

Menthyl Lactate

Menthyl lactate is used in The Refresher for its cooling effect. This ingredient provides the skin with a natural, pleasant, and long-lasting feeling of freshness.

Hemp Oil

 Hemp oil contains substantial skin-calming effects that reduce symptoms of skin sensitivity, such as redness. The antioxidants in the oil counteract free-radical damage and reduce swelling, improving the appearance of tone and texture.

These ingredients work together to penetrate your skin layers, promote the natural repair process, boost collagen production, fight hyperpigmentation, and provide you with maximum hydration.


In conclusion, the key is the ingredients. If you are selecting products that are made with harsh, harmful chemicals, there is no way that your skin will ever show signs of improvement. Regardless of which products you decide to go with, you must examine their list of ingredients and determine whether it is up to your skin’s standard.

MadeMan has nothing to hide when it comes to our ingredients. We are proud of our carefully crafted formulas designed especially for the benefit and convenience of men.

We consider cleansers and moisturizers to be amongst the two most essential skincare products. We specifically designed our products to function as a whole skincare routine without needing any additional elements. 

That being said, if you wish to expand upon your skincare routine, we encourage you to look into such products as sunscreen, toner, serums, and oils. Remember to choose each product carefully based on what they are made of. 

To be the best, you need to use the best. It starts with your skin. 


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