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MadeMan Competitor Comparison Table

MadeMan Competitor Comparison Table

While it is true that good skincare can be life-changing, skincare does not need to take over your life. The right products for your skin should not break the bank or give you breakouts and should be easy to apply. 

Even the busiest man with the most hectic schedule has the time to apply his skincare routine every day — that is, if he is a MadeMan. 

Unf*ck your face with Mademan

Compared to our competitors, MadeMan products are made to provide you with a simple though effective way to support your skin’s health that is, simultaneously, one of the best value cost options on the market.

After completing a quiz or searching bundles on either site, MadeMan will always suggest two products to their customers. Meanwhile, Lumin will typically recommend that they purchase somewhere between four and six products.


MadeMan will only ever recommend that men invest in The Re(Set) Collection because that is all that men need to maintain healthy skin. 

The proof is in the prices. 

Investing in Lumin’s products is, on average, already more expensive than buying MadeMan’s cleanser, shaving gel, and moisturizer, with Lumin costing about $60 a month and MadeMan $42. This investment is even better when you consider each product’s shelf life. 

MadeMan products typically last an entire month longer than Lumin’s do.


Quality Over Quantity

Remember, less is more. This not only applies to prices but to ingredients, as well. MadeMan products are water-based and contain on average 20 ingredients. Lumin’s 12 products contain, on average, 43 ingredients. 

MadeMan prides itself in its use of all-natural ingredients and minimal use of artificial ingredients. Rather than including a ton of unhealthy chemicals like other skincare brands, MadeMan packs its products with the highest quality ingredients available. 

These methods definitely pay off, with MadeMan receiving an average review of 4.7/5.

Two Steps, Two Minutes

On a daily basis, a MadeMan skincare regimen will take two minutes or less to complete, while a Lumin skincare regimen takes at least four minutes. If we expand our view and examine what a week with these products would look like, MadeMan would still only require that you use your cleanser/shaving cream and moisturizer daily. 

Lumin, on the other hand, would require you to use a cleanser, moisturizer, toner, serum, oil, and eye cream every day, an exfoliator, face mask, and eye mask weekly, and a pore strip biweekly.

A Great Face Is Built With MadeMan.

Whether you use a MadeMan regimen or a Lumin regimen, it is common for you to see results in 3 to 6 weeks. However, only with MadeMan will these results come at an affordable price and with less effort on your part.

The truth is, time is money. Unf*ck your face. 

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