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Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin in 2022

Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin in 2022

Finding the right products for oily skin can be difficult. Having skin that makes you look greasy and makes you susceptible to acne breakouts is not ideal. If you struggle to combat these issues, know that you are not alone.

Loads of men have oily skin and don’t know how to take care of it, leaving them uncomfortable and insecure. We say, leave the embarrassment behind. It is a new year and the perfect opportunity for you to reinvent your look.

This may sound easier said than done, but the process can be quick and efficient if it involves the right products. Today, we will be discussing the best skincare products and face moisturizers for oily skin.

What Is Your Skin Type?

There are five skin types. Yours is determined by genetics but can be altered or exacerbated by conditions like your health or environment. The five skin types are:

  • Normal
  • Sensitive
  • Combination
  • Dry
  • Oily

Identifying your skin type is easy. Wash your face and wait 30 minutes without applying any additional products. Once 30 minutes have passed, examine your face and observe its features. 

You may notice that your skin has become shiny or rough or itchy or red during the waiting period. Your skin type will be determined by what features develop on your skin.

Normal Skin

Normal skin has the least distinct features. This skin type is normally defined by its lack of distinguishable characteristics. Those with normal skin are lucky enough to have minimal skin sensitivities. Their skin is balanced and smooth, meaning that it is less prone to breakouts and comes with small pores.

Sensitive Skin

While normal skin is not easily irritated, sensitive skin is the skin type that is most likely to react poorly to other substances and ingredients. Physically, sensitive skin tends to be red and may show signs of rashing. When left untreated, the vulnerable skin will often feel itchy or as though it is burning.

Combination Skin

Combination skin is labeled for its combined characteristics of two other skin types. Rather than being solely dry or oily, combination skin is both, making it sometimes tricky to treat for its complex needs. There will typically be shine on the T-Zone and dryness in all surrounding areas on combination skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a combination skin without the excess oil. Dry skin is simple to identify for its obvious lack of moisture and hydration. Dry skin is usually rough and has dry patches that can result in flaking the skin. Those with this skin type may find that their skin is tight and itchy. Dry skin can be prone to irritation.

Oily Skin

Finally, we can begin to discuss the skin type you have been wondering about: oily skin. Oily skin is easy to identify physically. If you have oily skin, you can naturally appear shiny or greasy. While this oil can span the entirety of your face, the heaviest pools of oil tend to amass on the forehead, nose, and chin. This is in large part due to the amount of sebaceous glands located in these areas.

 What Are Sebaceous Glands? 

Sebaceous glands are microscopic glands in the skin that open into a hair follicle. The glands’ central function is to produce sebum. Sebum is an oily matter that naturally lubricates the hair and skin after passing through the hair follicle and onto the epidermis. 

While everyone’s skin has sebaceous glands and everyone’s body produces sebum, those with oily skin have sebaceous glands that are overactive. This means that sebum is produced at a much faster rate and that there is an excess amount of oil compared to the amount of sebum produced by other skin types.

Aside from the shininess, oily skin requires special attention for its liability to suffer from blemishes and breakouts

When excess oil stays on the skin, it can combine with dead skin cells and dirt and clog your hair follicles. Without a sufficient amount of moisture, your skin’s moisture barrier will not be able to defend you from external bacteria reaching your hair follicles, feeding on the built-up substances clogging your pores, and multiplying. 

This irritation results in acne.

 What Is Acne? 

Several different forms of acne can develop and different levels of severity.

Whiteheads: Whiteheads develop when the walls of the clogged hair follicle bulge and the pore is closed to the surface. They look like tiny white bumps.

  • Blackheads: Blackheads develop similarly to whiteheads except that the pore stays open to the surface. Since the clog is exposed to outside air, these bumps adopt a black hue.
  • Papules: Papules are pink or red, swollen bumps that are usually 5mm or smaller. These bumps tend to be tender and sensitive.
  • Pustules: Pustules are similar in appearance to papules except that they are surrounded by a red ring and contain yellow or white pus.
  • Cysts: Cysts are large red and swollen bumps that form deep beneath the skin. They are filled with pus and feel tender. They share a resemblance with boils.

Regardless of which type of acne you develop or whether it is moderate or severe, it is best to avoid acne breakouts altogether by treating your oily skin with the right products.

Skin Care Products For Oily Skin

When it comes to selecting skincare products that are both safe and beneficial for oily skin, MadeMan is the way to go.

MadeMan has engineered a simple and effective skincare plan that only requires two steps performed in under two minutes to improve men’s confidence every day. These products are paired together in The Re(Set) Collection.

Together, The Resetter and The Refresher use a unique formula that cleanses, moisturizes, and projects the skin, in turn balancing greasy skin and reducing blemishes.

 The Resetter 

The Resetter is the perfect moisturizer for oily skin. The product is water-based rather than alcohol or oil-based. Alcohol-based cleansers tend to irritate skin, something your acne-prone oily skin does not need any more of, and oil-based cleansers contain more oil than your already excessively oily skin needs or can handle.

Rather than irritating your skin, our cleanser provides you with a gentle cleanse that is deep and refreshing. This champion cleanse eliminates any impurities from your pores. In addition to leaving your skin smooth, this also helps clean out the build-up in your hair follicles that develop into acne when left untreated. 

Unlike other skincare products, The Resetter uses ingredients that do not break down the skin’s moisture barrier or negatively affect your skin’s pH balance. Instead, it is loaded with products that protect your #1 asset in giving a good first impression to everyone you meet.

As a bonus, The Resetter doubles as a shaving gel. The cleanser combines eucalyptus essential oil with a natural foaming agent soap bark to facilitate a smooth shave. In addition to providing you with a successful shaving experience, the shaving gel is capable of getting rid of razor burn and ingrown hairs.

 The Refresher 

The second half of The Re(Set) Collection is a moisturizer called The Refresher. There is a major misconception that those with oily skin should not use moisturizer out of fear that it will increase the likelihood of pores becoming clogged. 

The wrong products can have a negative effect on your skin. However, the right moisturizer can actually improve the quality of your oily skin and reduce the chance of breakouts

Remember that a major aspect of the development of acne is bacteria reaching the surface because of a weak moisture barrier. The right moisturizer will strengthen your moisture barrier and protect your skin from bacteria that can infect your clogged pores.

The key is finding the right facial moisturizing lotion with a non-greasy, quality formula that will not clog your pores but rather protects your skin. That is why we recommend our product for oily or acne-prone skin.

The Refresher is an all-in-one, lightweight formula moisturizer that is water-based and uses all-natural ingredients. We use anti-foaming additives derived from silica to help smooth out your skin, retain moisture, and provide you with maximum hydration.

In addition to balancing your natural oils and keeping your skin healthy, The Refresher is an extremely fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic product that comes with several benefits. 

For example, our proprietary blend of chicory root tightens and lifts your face while increasing collagen production, and our use of mica gives you a healthy glow while protecting your face from harmful rays and pollution.


In conclusion, using a water-based, oil-free moisturizer that contains all-natural ingredients is safe on oily skin and beneficial. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, ceramides, niacinamide, and antioxidants can nourish the skin without leading to acne.

The Resetter and The Refresher are made to help your oily skin repair itself organically without a greasy residue. Lock in moisture while freeing yourself from shine and acne, and welcome the opportunities that come with a handsome and healthy balanced complexion by using the right skincare routine.

After all, a great face is built with MadeMan. 


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