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The Re(Set) Shipping Boxes



How long does it take for results to show?

While it will vary based on your skin, we have seen results in as little as a week, and on average, after four to seven weeks of daily use. However, you will feel the benefits of both products immediately upon application, and The Refresher has a proprietary pore-reducing serum that creates a slight but instant “airbrush” effect on the face, minimizing skin imperfections and pore appearance.

How do the products work?

Physically, wash your hands, apply two pumps to your hand, and apply in small circles evenly to your face. The Resetter should also be applied over areas with facial hair, and then washed off with water after application. From a mechanical standpoint, the ingredients in both products penetrate and absorb into the skin, leaving the face feeling silky smooth, cooled, and revitalized. Our products also contain humectants that moisturize and help your skin retain moisture. The Resetter also doubles as a shaving cream and an after-shave.

Does it work for acne?

While MadeMan does not claim to solve hormonal breakouts, our products, especially the Refresher, are formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce the likelihood of breakouts. The products provide fortification for your pores to reduce the dirt and harmful particles that enter the skin on your face, as well as provide cleaning— an essential component of acne mitigation.

What is Mademan?

MadeMan is the solution for any man who seeks to take control of his life and his looks. It is a foundation for good habits, discipline, and self-confidence. We are simplifying self-care for men who have arrived and for those who are on their way.

The Re(Set) Collection

"I cannot recommend MadeMan more. Both products are equally refreshing and a proper skin routine has never been easier...The bottles are fly as hell too."

-Jonny C. ★★★★★

Step 1

The Resetter | 2-In-1 Facial Cleanser & Shaving Gel

✔️ Remove dirt, oil, & other causes of acne

✔️ Promote new skin cell growth

✔️ Balance skin's pH levels

Step 2

The Refresher | All-In-1 Moisturizer

✔️ All-Day Hydration

✔️ Calm Redness and Irritation

✔️ Reduce Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Eye Bags

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