Made for Man(kind)

MadeMan represents discipline, good habits, and self-improvement.

Our Mission

Providing men with the tools they need for self-care and, more broadly, a fulfilled life, enabling men to realize their full potential.

Why We Created MadeMan

We created MadeMan to break the stigma surrounding men's skincare. MadeMan is a skincare solution for the modern gentleman who values his time and energy, only participating in activities and habits that promote his health or quality of life. Our company values both time and energy by providing a simple, 2-step solution that rejuvenates the skin, leaving men feeling energized and looking better than ever.

Each product contains healthy ingredients that leave the skin refreshed. MadeMan promotes men’s health and well-being by providing a solution that prevents harmful effects on the skin from everyday life. By proactively eliminating blemishes, wrinkles and other problems men experience, our products make men more confident. A man's face is his first impression: he deserves a solution that he is proud to use every day.

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The Solution to Every Man’s Problem

"Taking care of your skin should be as common sense as brushing your teeth, and as easy as applying deodorant. Yet, like most men, I was never taught about skincare. And when I realized my skin issues weren't a temporary problem from adolescence, I was overwhelmed by all of the products I was supposed to buy and routines I was supposed to follow. I knew there had to be an easier, more accessible solution available."

After learning everything I could about men's skincare, it became apparent that there are a handful of key components to a proactive skincare regimen: cleansing, moisturization, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, pollution protection, and harmful ray reduction.

After failing to find a skincare company that made such a regimen easy, I went about asking dermatologists and doctors whether a simplified solution was even possible. When I discovered it was, I teamed up with one of the nation's leading dermatologists and created MadeMan. -Jeremy Gardner, CEO & Founder

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Integrity in Every Bottle

Our principles have driven every component of our business since our conception: we incorporated as a public-benefit corporation, and immediately applied and were accepted to be a licensed B-Corp (status pending one-year approval mark).

We took nearly two years to create the perfect formulations— products crafted with ethicality and integrity. That's why all our products are certified Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Made in America. Our sustainability goals are a work in progress, but all of our packaging is recyclable, and it is why we have developed our bottles and subscriptions in the last two months— to cut down on waste and shipping.

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