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Our Values


Our principles have driven every component of our business since our conception: we incorporated as a public-benefit corporation, and immediately applied and were accepted to be a licensed B-Corp (status pending one year approval mark). This enables us to give a portion of all our profits to Defy Ventures, which you can learn about below. 

We took nearly two years to create the perfect formulations— products crafted with ethicality and integrity. That's why all our products are certified Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Made in America. Our sustainability goals are a work in progress, but all of our packaging is recyclable, and it is why we have developed our bottles and subscriptions to last two months— to cut down on waste and shipping.

Defy Proves It's Never Too Late To Be A MadeMan

A portion of all MadeMan sales gets donated to Defy Ventures. 

"Even though someone has served their time, a second sentence begins as soon as they’re released. It creates a revolving door to prison and a legacy of poverty, dependency, violence, and incarceration that is passed down through generations. 

Defy’s entrepreneurial programs enable one of America’s largest forgotten communities to defy the odds. We equip them with new skills, new connections, and a new belief to match their new purpose, and succeed in their new life of economic independence."