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Seemingly does everything

I didn’t realize how bad my skin was getting. The re(set) trial reduced redness and bumps on my face that I thought I was just going to be stuck with. It’s a simple routine that has my skin feeling tighter, cleaner, and softer. Great way to start the day. I would recommend using more of cleanser than the included card states so you get a good lather.

If you like breakouts on your face, this stuff is for you!

I've never been more dissappointed in TH

Love it!

I've only used a few different moisturizers, (only a short time with my moisterizing game).
This one is the best.
It's refreshing and leaves a nice tingle, but most importantly has made my skin look better than it did with some of the other brands.

10 Day Re(Set) Trial

Great Product

My skin feels smoother and I notice a difference. My wife even commented on how much better my skin looks. Will be subscribing to this product.

Exclusive 50-Cent 10 Day Re(Set) Trial
I Wanted to Get the $5 for Trials for Friends and You Signed Me Up for Ongoing Purchases Without ...

Make sure you got my messages to cancel future orders. On Facebook, it looked like a great way to share your product and I didn't know that buying samples for friends.

Never received it

My shipping said I received it but it never made it to my mail box or door step unfortunately

Great product!

My boyfriend loved the product and it smells amazing!


Product is good really wish it was bigger I wish the moisturizer was the same size as the cleanser that would really be helpful because I find I have to use more than the recommended amount

Life Long Client

The MadeMan routine is so easy to do, but it really sets my day in a positive mood, knowing that I am taking steps to contribute to my overall health and I do look a lot more handsome.

Amazing Product

Quality product, for anyone who is looking to ensure healthy maintenance.

I'm only 2 days and 2 shaves in

Just recieved my order a couple of days ago, the face wash/shave lotion seems to give me a nice shave and the moisturizer seems ok, I'll have a better idea in a few weeks

Great Product

After 14 days of use my skin is much better. Not only is my skin more clear but it is also glowing.

I'm hooked!!

The Mademan skincare products are amazing! I particularly love the Resetter it smells fantastic and I've seen some great improvement in my skin already. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Incredible products, service

Skin care has honestly never been more simple and efficient for me, not to mention both products are exceptionally refreshing and enjoyable to use. Great customer service as well!

A top tier product worth every penny

I was first introduced to MadeMan by the beautiful Amanda Clair (@theamandaclair). I’ve tried a number of high end skin products over the years and have to say that MadeMan is one of the best I’ve had. The shave cream specifically blows away any of the others I’ve tried. The eucalyptus scent is amazing and I feel energized and refreshed after every use. I also love that a little bit goes a long way with the product - great value for the money.

Definitely worth the investment

After years of trying virtually every product on the face of the earth (including pharma-grade compounds), I decided to try MadeMan because I know the founder and know that he only designs and makes the best products. The moment I tried the face wash/shaving cream I immediately fell in love. It smells heavenly and the lather rises off without any residue. It smells so good that sometimes I wash my face twice but it's so gentle it doesn't cause my skin to dry out whatsoever. After getting out of the shower, there isn't a better feeling than putting on the moisturizer. It is easily absorbed by the skin and has my face looking and feeling radiant the entire day. After using the product for only two weeks, I already see a difference. Great products and definitely worth the investment. It's your face folks ... you deserve to look your best!!!

Best skin care product.

Would recommend to any men looking to enhance their skin, look younger and be their best selves.

Amazing customer service

Truly a great experience. I forgot to put in the promo code. Thought I was going to be out of luck. I was immediately sent an intro email from a real person I responded to their email and told them my issue. They credited me back the difference in minuets. Care and speed I have never seen before. So happy I decided to order.

Feels like I got slapped with a Spa

I cannot recommend MadeMan more. Both products are equally refreshing and a proper skin routine has never been easier. Finish shaving and lather on the moisturizer and you’ll immediately get the feeling you were slapped in the face with a spa day from Equinox. The bottles are fly as hell too. Thank you MadeMan!

Great stuff!

I use it to shave every morning and keep my face moisturized. It’s perfect for the season as the weather gets drier.


It is super easy to use and I have already noticed clearer skin. Would highly recommend.

great products(Taylor d)did a great job describing and prompting the product

Impressed with the products on all levels.
Packaging, price, Valued Quality, Great for my skin
get amazing results and many compliments. "You look different"

Amazing results!!

I’ve been applying the combo everyday & have seen my skin clear up incredibly in the last few weeks. Highly recommend! A++++

Great stuff!

Check out the natural bamboo soap at Sephora, I might copy some of the ingredients... It's one of the best soaps for skincare and acne. Love the smell, and cool bottles!