September 27, 2020 4 min read

 Although self-care is often associated with women because of the never-ending bubble bath and nail polish advertisements in the media, it’s actuallyvery important for men, who often underestimate how much they need it. 

Self-care is about taking the time to improve yourself, physically and mentally. It’s crucial to take time away from your professional and social lives to focus onyou. Don’t forget that you operate your best when you are taking care of yourself.

Here are 10 ways to practice self-care and work toward a better version of yourself.



Exercise is the go-to self-care activity that men gravitate to. What most men don’t realize is that fitness is not just about getting built, but also about staying in-shape. That’s why it’s important to keep your workouts balanced.

Think less about “gains” and calories, and focus more on what your body needs to thrive. Switching out an arm or leg workout for a low-intensity walk or yoga session can be beneficial and less strainful on your body.



Most men’s diets consist of lots of protein-- whether it’s found in meat or protein powder. Make sure that your eating schedule is not set around your workouts, but rather around when your body needs the nutrients. Your diet should also include lots of carbs and natural ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables.

What you eat determines your mood and energy levels, and you must eat right to feel good every day. Just like exercise, it’s important to maintain balance and variety in your diet.



Self-care is not only about what your body needs physically. Your mental health has a huge impact on how you go about each day.

Start each day on a positive note by meditating. Mindfulness has proven to help men de-stress and can be done at any time or place. Whether it’s when you wake up, are working at your desk or taking a quick drive, you can listen to a short guided meditation. These can be found online in a YouTube video or through an app on your phone. Once you start taking mindfulness into consideration, your days will become clearer and easier to manage.


Set Goals


Journaling or setting goals is another way to improve your mental health. Keep a notebook at your bedside table and jot down any thoughts or ideas you have either when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

Having positive affirmations of your future has proven to increase your likelihood of achieving your goals. Think about what you want in your career, health or relationships, and write it all down as a source of motivation to complete them. This helps you stay committed to your goals, and, therefore, work toward a better you.



How much work do you get done on days when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before? Or how long was your workout that day compared to days when you got a full night’s rest? Not long enough, right?

That’s because the amount of sleep you get each night has a huge impact on how you perform each day. Men should sleep an average of seven to nine hours per night. If you sleep for fewer hours than that, you should consider adjusting your routine.

To sleep better at night, try using an eye mask or light-blocking window shades to ensure absolute darkness. Also try staying off your phone at night. Just because you get into bed at a certain time doesn’t mean those hours count as your sleep.



Taking care of your skin goes a long way in improving not only your confidence, but your relationships, career and first-impressions. If you’ve wanted to improve your skin, but have had difficulty finding the best skincare routine for men or the best skincare products for men- look no further. 

MadeMan’s skincare products for men will make your routine easier by turning it into a simple two-step process. The Refresher and the Resetter work together to make your skin stronger and smoother than ever before. Taking care of your skin will help you get the handsome face you need to excel in life.



Sometimes the most important step to improve yourself is to let go of everything else. Try to disconnect from social media as much as possible while you focus on self-care. You may need your phone messages and emails for work, but Instagram and Twitter can wait. If you need to, delete the apps temporarily or turn off your social media notifications. This is one of the best ways to escape and improve your mental health.


Find a hobby

Having a project or hobby to focus on is a good outlet for built-up energy and creativity that is trapped inside you. Find something you enjoy doing that helps you de-stress and escape from reality. This can be hiking, making music or creating artwork. There are endless activities that you can try that can help you find more purpose and value.


Spend time in nature

Another way to disconnect is to spend time outside, whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, exploring hiking trails or camping in the mountains. Find a little time each day to step outside, feel the fresh air and clear your mind.


Know your burnout signs

Burnout occurs when you’ve reached a physical or mental state in which you no longer feel like yourself. It’s an increase in exhaustion and a lack in motivation.

To stay out of this rut, you not only need to practice self-care, but know what triggers burnout for you in order to avoid it. Stay away from activities or actions that make you angry or sad, and keep doing things that make you happy. Check in with yourself to make sure that you aren’t falling off track and hold yourself accountable for taking care of yourself.

Mirza Muslimovic
Mirza Muslimovic

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