An Expert Guide to Easy Men’s Skincare Routine

An Expert Guide to Easy Men’s Skincare Routine

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"Why should boys have all the fun” is a well-known marketing cliché. However, it is time to move beyond this stereotypical concept and let men have their dose of fun while also having an easy skincare routine for 

Here, the word fun denotes men’s charm and aura which they must maintain and nourish. For this it is significant to glam up your skin with an easy men’s skincare routine. 

MadeMan has developed superb invigorating skincare products as glorifying skincare essentials for men. 

Scroll down to know more how a healthy skincare routine can revitalize your skin and add elegance to your life. 

Here we go. 


Start from the Basics

First and foremost, do not overthink about how to look handsome and appeal the women around you. On the contrary, begin from the fundamental cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing exercises to take care of your skin. 

Over here, understand your skin texture and upgrade it with vital essentials which will nutrify it in future. This will help you lay the foundation of the primary skincare routine, both healthy and enriching. 

You can initiate this step through recognizing your skin type. Here are few skin types to which your skin may belong:

  • Normal: Your skin is free from oil during most part of the day and you do not experience skin sensitivity. 
  • Oily: This skin type is usually vulnerable to acne which makes your skin lose its natural shine. 
  • Dry and sensitive: Such skin types generally feel tight or stretched-up and easily get irritated. 
  • Aging: An ageing skin has wrinkles and age spots and usually looks weathered. 

Each Made Man product clearly mentions its underlying formulations and suitability as per varying skin types. 

Daily Cleansing Routine

Cleansing is the first step towards a healthy and a glowing skin. For an enriched cleansing, wash your face twice a day with a smooth and foaming face wash. You can use either a cream or a gel base face wash to remove oil and dirt. 

In addition, opt for a face wash suitable for your skin. Go for neem base face washes for an oily or an ache prone skin. Or else, use a fairness face gel for skin whitening and brightening. 

Furthermore, this cleansing exercise will make your skin more permeable to post-cleansing moisturizers and increase its absorbing capacity. This will eventually upsurge the youthfulness of your skin and make you look younger. 

For best results, cleanse your face right in the morning to remove the dirt accumulated through the night. Repeat this step once at night, before bedtime. 


Weekly Exfoliating Routine

To be honest, simple cleansing is not enough to sustain healthy skincare for longer hours. To blossom the updated version of yourself, switch to skin exfoliation practices twice a week. 

Use a mild and an oil-free scrubber to exfoliate your skin. A scrubber removes the dead skin cell deposits on the skin surface and optimizes its brightness. Besides, a scrubber also helps in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles with proper use. 

Therefore, apply a gentle scrub twice a week for advanced skin nourishment. Use the tip of your fingers and rub all over your face in circular movements. Rinse off with fresh water and pat it dry. 

Select your scrub flavour or brand depending on the face wash quality you use to make a suitable combo pack. 


Daily Moisturizing Routine

Men’s skincare routine is incomplete without moisturizing. Daily moisturizing helps keeping your skin hydrated and protects your face. It maintains the natural glow of your skin and soothes it from within. 

A gentle moisturizing cream, lotion or a gel contains vital minerals and vitamins to shield your skin from toxic particulates. Besides, it preserves your skin texture from contamination and pollution. 

For use, apply a small amount of moisturizer on your face. Apply the moisturizing serum using your fingertips in gentle circular movements. Let the moisturizer permeate deeply within your skin activate your skin cells. 

Repeat this moisturizing activity twice a day or whenever you step out. It is preferable to use after taking a bath or rinsing off with a face wash to prevent the dryness of skin. 

In addition, you can also substitute moisturizing with a bedtime night cream to strengthen your skin and maximize its potency. Moreover, a bed time night cream also helps in regenerating your skin cells and facilitate a denser and a protective barrier for your skin. 

Try Made Man 6-in-one moisturizer and intensify the glow of your skin with the goodness of nature. 

What Extra your Need

Cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing can remarkably impact your skin and escalate its health and glow. However, you can take one step ahead in optimizing your easy men’s skincare routine by using standard SPF skincare products. 

Sun Protection Factor (or SPF) is an essential ingredient in a skincare product, especially which masks your skin from harmful UV radiations. Usually incorporated within your moisturizer, do check the packing before placing an order. 

Furthermore, use branded skincare products always and stay away from duplicitous or knockout products which may damage your skin. To ensure product quality, browse through the product credentials and their nutritive content.

Choose the products as per your skin type seek dermatological advice for proper guidance. 


Bottom Line

So this was an easy guide to men’s skincare routine for our adventurous and enthusiastic men out there. You can integrate the aforementioned skincare habits with your daily routine for an excellent skin nourishment and vitalization. 

After all, your skin is the most pertinent part of your body and its protection is must for a longer and a healthier life. 

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